We have now released all details regarding our Australian Camporama 2015, which will take place from the 5-9 January 2015 in Stanwell Park, NSW. We are very excited about this event and our theme is ‘Xperience’. We presently have the National and NSW State teams working together very diligently on all camp details.  

We will also being celebrating 50 years of Rangers in Australia during Camporama 2015. A special dinner and festivities are programmed. All Camporama details including the registration form can be downloaded below

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It is with great excitement that we announce that the new Rangers Australia shirts and hats are now available for purchase

Those who bought an Adventure Plus shirts and hats will be sent a replacement shirt and hat.

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Warmest greetings to all our Ranger Leaders throughout Australia. I would like to share with you part of my vision and heart for Rangers in Australia.

Rangers is a brilliant discipleship and mentoring program. Our mission is to evangelise, equip, and empower young people to become active disciples of Jesus Christ. I believe that we do equipping and empowering quite well. However, let’s look at the first part of our mission statement and that is to ‘evangelise’.

There are approx. 3.5 million young people attending school in Australia. How many of them do not know Jesus? Probably a substantial number. Many of these young people are in our own community.

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I enjoy watching my youngest son at play.  He will sit on his favourite chair in the lounge room and play out his imaginary game with a selection of toys.  One day it could be Star Wars, the next day superheroes.  His favourite play at present is in using his Star Wars lego.

His story that he is directing includes conversations and sound effects. He creates his stories based on what he sees on tv and the movies. While this is a great joy for me to observe, the sad reality is that the world will try and push out of him this wonderful imagination that he has.  My job as his father is to feed and build his imagination, not just his natural imagination; but moreso – his spiritual imagination.

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