I enjoy watching my youngest son at play.  He will sit on his favourite chair in the lounge room and play out his imaginary game with a selection of toys.  One day it could be Star Wars, the next day superheroes.  His favourite play at present is in using his Star Wars lego.

His story that he is directing includes conversations and sound effects. He creates his stories based on what he sees on tv and the movies. While this is a great joy for me to observe, the sad reality is that the world will try and push out of him this wonderful imagination that he has.  My job as his father is to feed and build his imagination, not just his natural imagination; but moreso – his spiritual imagination.


Like many thousands of kids like him, my son gets excited about Star Wars by what he sees, hears and reads.  How much more true should their excitement be about God.  Is God worth getting excited about?  Can a child say to themselves,”Imagine if God could do this.”  How will children be able to do this?  Simply put – through you.     Psalm 78.4 says - We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done.

God has given you a group of young people to nuture each week at Rangers.  You are more than likely the only source for most of them from which they will hear the Word of God.  Get them excited by you using snippets of your story from time to time.  Your own example will bring ‘a glorious and mighty deed’ that God did in Scripture, and make it relevant to today.  I will guarrantee you that there will be those in your group who will be captivated by hearing examples from your own life.  Coupled with accounts from the Word of God, your accounts will inspire their imgaination into reality to dare to trust God.

We can not allow this generation to go through life and not know the might and wonders of God.  If you don’t tell others a first hand account about what glorious deeds God has done for you, then who will?