What was the first word you thought of to put in the missing blank?

Most people who will read that statement will straight away place in the blank the word fail. The words fail and failure are harsh words and each one of us has heard them used many times, sometime even about ourselves. The words conjure up fear. We have all had to do tests of some kind whether they were at school, college, University, a driving test and so on. Many of us are nervous during the test because of the fear of failure.


Recently a senior leader of a Rangers group was giving a devotion to his Rangers on this topic. He challenged them not to use the words ‘fail’ or’ failure.’ He encouraged his group to change the way they think by using the word ‘learn.’

Thomas Edison, the famous inventor and holder of 1093 patents once said, “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” Thomas had a different perspective on outcomes. He chose to see learning opportunities rather than accept failure.

The religious leaders at the time of Jesus crucifixion would have thought they had won and Jesus had failed. What they did not realize is that they in fact were part of the success of Jesus mission. The devil does not want you telling others of this and so this is why he will try and put us off from trying new ways and skills to get share the message of Christ. The devil will try to stop you through instilling in our mind the fear of failure and ending up looking like fools. If we want to progress in life and in ministry, we must be ready to take the risks.

To see young people amazed, then captivated then hungry for God is a very good reason to take the chance. Try many techniques until you find the ones that best work with your young people. If we are not willing to try and learn from our mistakes, then we have indeed failed.

“There is no failure except in no longer trying.” - Chris Bradford