What was the first word you thought of to put in the missing blank?

Most people who will read that statement will straight away place in the blank the word fail. The words fail and failure are harsh words and each one of us has heard them used many times, sometime even about ourselves. The words conjure up fear. We have all had to do tests of some kind whether they were at school, college, University, a driving test and so on. Many of us are nervous during the test because of the fear of failure.

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There is one thing we all have in common – a name.  Some of us are named after family members, while others are given names just because they sounded good.  Our name is our indenity.  

Each time my wife and I were expecting a child, we would go through a myriad of names.  We concentrated heavily on the meanings of each name as we desired that each one of our children would have a rich spiritual meaning to their full name.  

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Philippians 1:20

One topic that some people do not like to talk or think about is death. For many people in the world, this word means the end. For us as believers it means transition.
The Rangers ministry has had a number of past leaders and support staff make the transition from earth to paradise this year with the recent being a lady who yesterday went to be with Jesus. She served the Rangers ministry in Q Store at Camp Hebron in Queensland during the 80’s and early 90’s. For many years she was responsible for the distribution of food for campers at major state and district camps and training camps. Most of the people who were on these camps would only see her at the end of camp where she was acknowledged for her service.

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I am sure most of you have agonised over why it is so difficult to engage some of the kids in your Ranger group. Why is it that most of your group will listen to what you have to deliver but one or two withdraw or become disruptive and don't want to participate? There are a whole range of possibilities that can be considered that may or may not be relevant to your individual situation.    

Ultimately, kids respond to people who inspire them. As leaders we must be passionate about our role. We must be excited about what we want to present and we must believe that what we offer is worthwhile.

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The Rangers Australia Facebook Page exists firstly to encourage you through weekly testimonies, leadership devotional and more.  It also serves to keep you up to date with events and opportunity to tell others of the amazing deeds that God is doing in your group that will be an encouragement to others.


Warmest Greetings to you all.

The emphasis of the current issue of Rangers eNews is on ‘relationship’. I hope you will enjoy reading the articles. I would like to highlight one of my passions in this theme. Consider the following: Your Rangers don’t care how much you know.  They want to know how much you care for them!

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There has been an update of the Adventure Tracking sheet recently.   Please note that several required items have been altered.

  • Red Merits are no longer a prerequisite
  • Adventure Rangers can do red, blue, green, yellow and platinum merits as extra merits, depending on their interests, but they must have been completed in Adventure Rangers to count for the Australian Star.
  • There is also a new check list to tick off indicating what items are required from Supply House for the awarding of the Gold Medal at the end of Adventure Rangers. eg patch, bar, ribbon, Australian Stars etc.    

Please note that if you discover any problems with the resource no matter how small it is, please advise the national office so that it can be corrected.