There are many people who believe in following the stars (star signs), with some not even leaving the house without first reading what it says in the star sign for the day.

My favourite 'star sign' is the Southern Cross. This has been a very popular star constellation throughout the years featured on of course our very own Australian Flag (along with 4 other countries), and the famous Eureka Stockade flag.


This constellation is amazing. Two stars known as the pointers form a straight line that continues to the top of the Southern Cross. There are five stars that make up the Southern Cross. So why is this so significant?

The two pointers to me represent the Old Testament and New Testament which together form our Bible. These pointers are used to locate the Southern Cross. There are five stars in the Southern Cross which shows where Jesus body was pierced and bled. The top star shows the crown of thorns, the two stars opposite each other are the nails in His hands, the star at the bottom remind is the nail/s through His feet and the faint star at the side is where the soldier forced the spear up His side to make sure Jesus was dead.

So we have the Old and New Testaments together point the way for us to Jesus.

In Revelation 22.16, Jesus refers to Himself as the Bright Morning Star. Now that is the 'star sign' I want to follow, and the future He has for me is amazing. Our responsibility is to tell others that they too can have an amazing future when they are reborn spiritually under that star sign - the Bright Morning Star.