Psalm 150

Aussies love their sporting heroes. Over the course of the last three weeks there have been those who cheered on the modern gladiators of Aussie Rules and Rugby League. Some of us sat on the edge of our seats on the last lap as we watched the famous Ford v Holden battle in the penultimate V8 race of the year – the Bathurst 1000. Grand finals in all major sporting codes had their followers captivated.


Upwards of 50 000 people have gathered together to cheer on their heroes at each of the finals of each sport listed above over the last few weeks. They wore their team colours with pride, passionate about who they supported and backed for a win, and you dare not speak against the name of their hero or you will indeed cop an earful and some.

So why is it that the church as a whole does not have that same visible passion for the greatest hero of them all? Why is it that many do not show their colours? Why is it that when people speak against our hero and even use His name as a swear word that we as believers go all quiet and just let it slip by?

As we ‘live by the Ranger Code,’ we should be ‘brave in spite of danger, criticism or threats.’ We have every right to be excited about the Name above all Names. When someone disrespects the name of God, we should raise our voice and take a stand. Young David wasn’t going to allow Goliath to get away with it, so why should we.

Our excitement for God should not just be on display on Sundays during praise and worship at church. It should be on display 24/7 with no shame attached.

Let the young people you lead see it also. Give them opportunity regularly to sing praises to God and make the declaration that they are ‘not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.’ Let each of us declare today that ‘His praise will always be on my lips.’