2 Samuel 23.8-39

In history we find many effective leaders who had mighty men that were loyal because they believed in their leader and the cause/vision that they were being led in.

One stand out concerning loyal-to-the-core mighty men is King David in 2 Samuel 23.8-39. Here we see some impressive exploits listed about David’s Might Men, with a particular focus on three of them.


As David is voicing his thoughts by saying, “Oh that someone would get me a drink from the well near the gates of Bethlehem.” This was no command, but a voicing of a deep desire. Three mighty men heard these words and took it upon themselves to risk their own lives so as to fulfill the desire of their king.

The Three Mighty Men had some amazing feats recorded in verses 8 to 12. These records show three important qualities. Verse 8 shows determination to see the job to completion, verses 9-10 shows stamina, verse 11 shows steadfastness.

Your pastor needs good mighty men (or women). Your pastor needs people who will take the blows when they are under attack. Your pastor needs people who have determination, stamina and are steadfast to stand alongside.

The 5th point of the Rangers emblem is loyal. We need to be loyal to our pastors. This does not mean we have to be some sort of puppet, rather it simply means to stand next to and be steadfast, there at the ready. Jesus is loyal to us as He said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Let us all follow the example of Jesus today and be the mighty men our pastors need.