Rob & Lynda

We would like to thank you and commend you on the wonderful work you are doing teaching and guiding our children. In the past year we have noticed a change in our children. They are more excited about learning more about God; they love to tell their classmates about Rangers.  Praise the Lord!! Our children are starting to turn into young evangelists, thanks to you guys and not only that, they are wanting to help out more around the house, are being more sensitive to what we expect from them in behaviour, what they expect from each other and more importantly what God expects from them. And we owe it all to you wonderful servants of God. We thank you and we appreciate everything you do. 


During those 15 years that my children have been in Rangers; I have watched them grow spiritually, mentally and physically in their life experiences.  Everything they have experienced in Rangers has certainly had a positive impact during the most important years of their life.  They have come through all the hardships and trials of their teenage years with a strong and faithful commitment to our wonderful God.    Not only did my daughters experience a wonderful conversion to Christ through Rangers, they also had a strong influence in encouraging my wife and I to follow our God.  It was through my daughters’ involvement with Rangers and as a result of their faith in God that convinced both my wife and I to also learn about Jesus. 


I am so thrilled and grateful that there is a Godly based, good, clean programme that I can send my daughter to. I don’t know why we didn’t join years ago.


I am a parent of two girls who were BLESSED to have the opportunity to enjoy the Rangers ministry in their formative years (13-16yrs).  I am sure that the valuable lessons they learnt from that ministry will be a wonderful foundation for them to build their own spiritual lives on.  They both won Ranger of the Year during their time on the programme & this I believe shows that they themselves were thoroughly enjoying the experience. As a parent I can only say a big, big, big THANK YOU for your attention to detail & caring nature.  GOD BLESS.