agegroupsRangers is an evangelistic ministry which offers Christlike character formation and servant leadership development in a highly relational and fun environment for young people ages 5 to 17 years. Rangers is a holistic ministry designed specifically to meet the mental, physical, spiritual and social needs of children and youth across four age groups. This is done through weekly meetings, an awards programme and age appropriate challenging indoor and outdoor adventure activities.


The aim of the Rangers ministry is to instruct, challenge and inspire our children and youth in the areas of Bible doctrine (a basic knowledge of what the Bible teaches), Christian service and mentors them with Christlike character formation. This can be achieved through their natural desire for challenging and fun activities.  


To Evangelise, Equip & Empower Children and Youth to be active disciples of Jesus Christ, with a desire to serve the Kingdom of God through the local church.  

Reaching Our Objectives

Rangers is about developing the whole person as stated in Luke 2:52 – Jesus grew in wisdom (mentally) and in stature (physically), and in the favour of God (spiritually) and man (socially).  This is done in the following ways:  


Adventure Activities:  Using the natural desires of adventure in children and youth, a Ranger will learn how to master many tasks such as life application problem solving, cooking, basic first aid, learning to live with and the acceptance of other people, leadership skills and a variety of outdoor skills.

Games:  Games are important because through them, a Ranger is taught citizenship, fair play, loyalty and teamwork.

Instruction in Christian Living

Conduct:  Personal, social and moral.

Responsibilities:  To God, the family, church, others and the community.

Instruction in the Bible

 God:  Who He is and how each person can have a personal relationship with God.

Bible Stories:  What these accounts mean and how they apply to us today.

Church Beliefs:  What the church believes and why.  

Target Age Group

While the Rangers ministry resource has been developed as a whole of life programme starting with young children in Prep school (Kindergarten) through to Year 12, the resource is flexible so that churches can choose to operate one or more age groups depending on their target age group and the purpose for which that group will exist. The resource for each age group is developed appropriate to their age capabilities and can be used independently or as part of a larger program.  

The target age groups in Rangers are:

  • EXPLORERS- Prep (Kinder) to Year 2   
  • DISCOVERY- Years 3 to 5
  • ADVENTURE- Years 6 to 8  
  • EXPEDITION- Years 9 to 12


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