Welcome to Rangers Australia; an evangelistic, outdoor, camping, adventure based ministry for children & youth.

When Royal Rangers began in the early 1960s, its focus was to reach, teach, and keep boys for Jesus Christ. Reverend Johnnie Barnes was asked to spear-head this ministry, and, under the direction of the Assemblies of God, he formed the basic purpose and goals of the Royal Rangers ministry. He had a passion for souls, which was sensed and appreciated by the many leaders he trained, encouraged, and mentored.

agegroupsUsing Luke 2:40 as the basis by which children grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially, the Rangers ministry was developed to train the whole child.

Weekly meetings were filled with the activities and spiritual challenge that children and youth need. Rangers also offered additional events, such as camp-outs and day camps. Over the years, Rangers grew in scope and size to become a ministry that involved both girls and boys from children to youth, including from ages five to seventeen.

Over the years, Rangers grew in scope and size to become a ministry that involved both girls and boys from children to youth, including from ages five to seventeen. While the primary focus of Rangers has been ministry to children and youth, it has provided the secondary benefit of reaching their families. Rangers has now been adopted in many, many nations around the world.

TODAY in Australia .......


Rangers Australia is for both girls and boys, children and youth.

As a result of much prayer, study and development a new Rangers Australia Resource Manual has been developed to meet the needs of the young people.

The adventure begins at age five in the Explorer program. A group may choose to combine five-year-olds with six and seven-year olds or offer separate groups for each of the three age groups of Explorers, depending on their numbers of leaders and children. Next comes the Discovery group for ages 8, 9, and 10. Activities at this level will include camping events and training in basic camping skills. The Adventure program is for the 11, 12, and 13-year-olds. The Expedition program, with its many options, is for the 14 to 17 year-olds.

The provided content in the new Resource Manual is more than enough for each weekly meeting. Leaders will need to use their discretion to choose activities that suit the needs of their group, as long as skill requirements are not compromised.

The resource materials for all four groups are designed to be easy for a leader to use, complete with lesson plans, natural in the integration of advancements during the meetings, and great for new children who join mid-year.

Each Rangers Group should have the same Core Values & Fundamental Beliefs but how they will use the Resources, when & where they run their meetings, & the length of their meetings etc is up to each individual local church to determine.

This ministry aims to provide resources that enable us to reach this generation of young people, to teach them the truths of God's Word, to keep them active in ministry for Jesus Christ from Explorer through to the Expedition age group, to train many of them for leadership and also to equip the local church to reach young people & their families.

The Mission Statement of Rangers Australia is:

Evangelise – Equip – Empower

The Rangers Australia vision is ..... evangelising & discipling ...... through outdoor adventure activities, using the Merits of the Resource Manual, by learning God's Word & participating in small groups on a regular basis.

This is a whole-of-life program aimed at how a young person grows which is mentally, physically, spiritually & socially. All 4 aspects are included in the program.

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