In life we have seasons. Foundational seasons, growth seasons, seasons of trial. For me, one of the most influential and important seasons of my life has been Rangers. I was invited to Rangers as a 6 year old by my neighbour and a few weeks into joining I made a decision to say ‘Yes’ to Jesus. For the next 18 years after that significant moment in my life, Rangers became something I did and enjoyed every Friday night. I really loved the outdoor aspect, whether it was learning to tie up

 mates with knots I’d just been taught, taking apart stuff and trying to put it back together, burning things 50 different ways with 5 different types of fires, cooking on camp fires and impressing the girls with your culinary achievements or abseiling a cliff to test your limits, being outside was just good fun. However, the greatest thing that Rangers taught me was the value of relationship. The relationships with my Leaders, the men and women who taught me so much about life, the relationships with my friends, my mates that I laughed with, cried with, got up to mischief with and camped along side of for many years. However the most important relationship I was taught to value was my relationship with God.


Rangers was an amazing foundational season in my life. Learning about who God was, the plans He had for me and outworking His gifts on my life through the Ranger program was something I’ll always be thankful for. I was a painfully shy kid, so having a group of people who constantly encouraged me and brought me out of my shell was invaluable. Having a Senior Commander who believed in us enough as older Rangers to take on Leadership roles and run programs for the younger kids opened up new and enjoyable opportunities you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Rangers set me up for my future. So much so, that the time I spent working and teaching the younger kids in our Outpost stirred up a passion in me to pursue teaching; a career that I have been following and enjoying now for 10 years. Along with teaching I have studied at Bible College and had the opportunity to be a youth pastor and associate pastor in North Queensland, opportunities that were birthed and spoken over my life in Rangers.

Rangers was so significant to me. It’s where I met Jesus. It’s where He spoke so clearly to me about His plans for my life. It’s where I was encouraged and expanded to pursue leadership. It’s where I was baptised in water and in the Holy Spirit. It’s where I was told on a weekly basis that I could do all things through Christ who would be my strength. It was a season I thoroughly enjoyed and will always hold fond memories of because it played such an important role in shaping me into the man I am today.

Martin Vucetic

  • A Taigum Ranger 1986 to 2004
  • Leadership Service 1999 – 2004
  • Ranger of the Year (88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 96)
  • District ROTY (89, 90, 91, 92)